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PDR is THE preferred method to repair hail damage!

1.  Call your insurance agent

Your agent will either want to come look at your car (we can be present for this if you like), or tell you to get an estimate for the damage.

2.  Call us to schedule a free estimate

Insurance agents are NOT experts on body repair, and our specialized lights will show ALL the damage that simply can't be seen without them, assuring you have an accurate estimate.  We will then provide you with a copy of the estimate AND email it directly to your insurance agent for approval.  We work with ALL insurance companies.  The estimate process only takes about 15 minutes.

3.  Once approved, call us to schedule the repair

We will schedule your repair ASAP!  Many times, repairs can be performed in 1 day, eliminating the need for a rental car.  Simply drop the car off in the morning and pick up your beautiful car after work.  THAT'S IT!

What's the catch?  Absolutely none!  We do this every day and are experts at this process.

How can you repair my car that fast?  Typical dealerships and body shops do NOT have a technician skilled in this process, therefore, they need to call in a PDR hail expert like us.  They typically schedule a 2 - 3 day window for the repair in which they have your car the entire time.  The actual repair to the vehicle takes the same amount of time.  Instead of waiting for an opening in their schedule, you can call us directly to schedule the repair!